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twelve moon periods, had a different kind of notch
to Identify it. And then at the end of the year
another notch would be Invented according to
what name we had given that yean The years
were named according to some great happening
during their passing, or numbered from some
great happening in the past. We had no weeks.

It was decided at the 'Time Council' that we
would have to resume our journey northward on
the fourth csun' from that day., In order to reach
the Slksikau In time for the Sun Dance, which Is
always held during the first two weeks of August.

We travelled north-eastward for many days,
and then one day as we were riding along the
Namaka, a river, we looked ahead of us and saw
the big Sun Dance camp spread out In a beautiful
panorama of colour, high up above us on the
broad, sunny bosom of the famous Tallow Flats,
where for ages past the Blackfeet had sent their
young men through the terrible tortures of

The massive camp ahead of us was about two
miles long. The hundreds of beautifully painted
teepees were thrown In a huge circle about a
quarter of a mile arounds leaving a big circular
campus in the centre of the camp, where all of the
dances would be held* Away out in the centre of
the campus we could see the skeleton of the Sun
Dance lodge, already thrown up and awaiting the